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A Look @ US: Monica

Book on my nightstand: Misty Copeland's "Life in Motion" 


Playing on my Spotify: I've been listening to more Green Day lately. Recently went to their concert and they were SO awesome live!


On my Netflix queue: Parks & Rec and House of Cards 


Favorite travel spot: So many places I have yet to see but I do love being in London, England


In my beauty regimen: Lots of moisturizer & concealer - absolute necessities 


Words to live by: Live life with no regrets - I'm still learning how to do that


How I procrastinate: Let me get back to you on that...


Celebrity crush: Billy Joe Armstrong & George Clooney



Favorite smell: French bakery first thing in the morning


Favorite sound: Listening to the rain in the middle of the night while lying in bed 


Last meal on earth: Grilled salmon paired with a glass of wine and Coconut Cake for dessert - doesn't get any better than that.


Documentary: Most recent was "Life Itself" - chronicles the life of Roger Ebert who was one of the most recognizable film critics in the U.S. 


Favorite art spot: London Natural History Museum



Guilty pleasure: Diet Coke naturally! 


Last app I opened on my phone: Word with Friends & Life 360 - have to keep track of my kids somehow without them knowing....


Favorite Instagram account: Other than Universal Standard? Friends, Goop & Cooking Light


Favorite Universal Standard piece: Wheaton Sweater - comfy, cute & looks great with jeans