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Book on my nightstand: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Playing on my Spotify: Currently having a throwback moment with The Pointer Sisters. Don’t knock them! Fire is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser and also the newest addition to my karaoke roster.

On my Netflix queue: Black Mirror. I have to switch between that and old episodes of The Office (which I’ve seen a minimum of 15 times each) because sometimes Black Mirror freaks me out with how potentially accurate it is.

Favorite travel spot: Italy. The language, the food, the art, the culture, the food, the architecture, the food, the history, the food…

In my beauty regimen: Lots of Glossier! My absolute favorites are Boy Brow & the Haloscope Highlighter.

Words to live by: You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce.

How I procrastinate: Watching Tasty recipe videos on Facebook… I’ve wasted literal HOURS of my life seeing people cook food I never will.

Celebrity crush: Chris Pratt. Who doesn’t love a goofy hunk?!

Favorite smell: Garlic sauteing in the kitchen 

Favorite sound: Glasses clinking around my family’s dinner table. We’re Russian and toasting is mandatory.

Last meal on earth: Really good steak - rare.

Documentary: Going Clear - the HBO documentary on Scientology. When I first watched this I couldn’t stop talking about it for weeks. Please watch it, so we can talk about it!

Favorite art spot: This one is hard for me, because I really love going to see art whenever I can (good, bad, and in between), but I’m going to say the Met. It feels like a cliche, and I’ve been hundreds of times (so many in fact that I can get from the special exhibition hall on the second floor to the exit in under 5 minutes - not a small feat), but I consider it my happy place. 

Guilty pleasure: Trashy tv. Personal favorite has to be Vanderpump Rules. It’s shameful, but also amazing and vital to my life.

Last app I opened on my phone: Duolingo. I’m learning German! 5 minutes at a time…

Favorite Instagram account: Besides Universal Standard?! Accidentally Wes Anderson, Paper Magazine, arnold_daniel.

Favorite Universal Standard piece: This one’s impossible to answer. If I absolutely had to pick one I’d go with the Beas coat. To me it perfectly encapsulates the brand in terms of style, fit, and quality.