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Jeans That Change With You

UFL logo - universal fit liberty Universal Standard

Everyone’s body changes with time. Weight and size can go up and down, making it difficult to buy clothes that will last for a while, but also making it ridiculously expensive. Having to buy the same item again and again in different sizes makes shopping for a changing body type a total pain.

That’s where Universal Standard is changing the mold. At Universal Standard, we understand the needs of our customer, and we understand that clothes are an investment in your own personal brand. No one wants to pay for an item that won’t fit in a month, three months, or even six months time. People want clothes that are going to last, that fit them perfectly, and look amazing.

blonde model wearing plus size jeans

Firstly, we use denim made with built-in stretch. This allows for your jeans to fit impeccably without changing the integrity of the denim. It also allows for them to fit in a loose, boyfriend-style, or as a tighter skinny-jean style - the choice is yours. But, they should always fit.

That’s how we came up with the idea for Universal Fit Liberty. Ever heard of a clothing company that will replace your clothes if they don’t fit anymore? Neither had we, so we’re setting the standard with UFL. This program allows you to adjust your closet as your body changes. So, if within a year, your jeans are feeling a little too snug, we’ll replace them, for free. If, all of a sudden, you have to tighten your belt way too much to keep them up, we’ll replace them. Basically, if your jeans no longer fit, we’ll replace them for a pair that do.

Two models wearing plus size jeans from Universal Standard

The process is simple, because shopping online shouldn’t take all day. When you realize you need a new size, you just go to our returns portal, input your information, and what new size you need. We’ll send you a label so you can return your jeans, and once we receive it, we’ll send you a brand new pair in the size of your choice. Your old jeans will be washed and donated to charities dedicated to supporting women.  

Universal Fit Liberty is perfect for jeans because they’re a staple in everyone’s closet. They should fit perfectly and be wearable in any situation. Universal Standard believes in beautiful basics that can be worn over and over again, especially our jeans. When you put on a pair you should feel comfortable and confident, not concerned about whether they fit right or if you have to spend more money on another pair. Because your body evolves, and your wardrobe should evolve with it.

So we'll say it again: Universal Standard will, within an entire year from purchase, replace your jeans if they don't fit. That's what #SetTheStandard is all about.