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The Real Cost of Buying Cheap

We know that fast fashion price points are addictive - especially when many plus size women see their size as a temporary condition. This can make you shy away from taking care of yourself as you are, in favor of a future self that may, or may not, come into being. So we buy semi-disposable, fast fashion telling ourselves that when the time comes to chuck them for something else, it won’t hurt as much. But purchasing hoards of clothing from fast fashion mega stores creates a domino-effect of negative consequences.

Consider this reality…

    • Cheap clothing is made from cheap material; that means poor quality fabrics that don’t stretch, don’t breath, and aren’t inspected properly
    • Cheap clothing falls apart quickly, and winds up in a landfill; the average U.S. citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing, and other textiles, each year
    • A huge amount of water waste, and other poor environmental practices, take place in the production of cheap garments
    • Factories that produce fast fashion mostly use unskilled, cheap (often underpaid) labor where people work in dreadful and even dangerous conditions

    Buying well-made, quality clothing that is democratically priced not only means you look and feel wonderful, but that domino effect of negative consequences is reversed…

      • We develop our own fabrics - like our satin-back crepe and our jerseys with a specific fiber combination, and the right amount of stretch for the curvier woman
      • We consider things like pilling, color-fastness, and bounce-back when developing our pieces so they’ll last through multiple seasons of wears & washes
      • We only work with factories that meet ethical standards of manufacturing and production
      • We even make it our business to know the CO2 emissions for each US shipment
      • Through our UFL program, gently-used returned clothes are laundered and donated across several charities supporting women in need
      • All the donated clothes not only find a second life in the closets of women trying to support themselves and their families, but also stay out of the overflowing landfills

    We believe if you take care of the present, the future will take care of itself.