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The New Age of Plus Size Clothing

Model in plus size black and red jacket

The term “plus size” has become a buzzword in fashion over the past few years. Journalists write about it, designers use plus size models in their shows, and those models themselves have become icons for millions of women everywhere. But those are the people we’re forgetting about: the millions of women who represent the vast majority. The women who are moms, who work in offices, who like to shop. Not the women who are strutting down runways, or posing in bikinis, but the 100 million women in America who are over a size 14, and who want clothes that they enjoy wearing.

Retailers have ignored 67% of the women in America. The options out there for a woman who’s a size 14 are sparse. And they only get sparser the further up you go in size. The clothes available to plus size women now aren’t exactly made with a professional woman in mind. They can be either too tight and sexy, or try to hide their bodies entirely. They contain patterns that are more likely to be seen on a toddler, and have sayings like ‘Yas Queen’ plastered on them that don’t really scream ‘professional’.

Why are companies ignoring these women? When there’s money to be made, you would think that businesses would want to tap into a market where there are very few competitors and very high demand. The truth is, most companies aren’t ready to take on the work required to make beautiful plus size clothing a reality. Making clothes that fit a larger body takes time, money, and knowledge of the issues plus size women face when it comes to clothing, such as pilling and stretching.

What people need to realize is that plus size is the new standard. The ‘average’ size of the ‘average’ American woman is a 14 or larger. So it’s about time that people start recognizing that and working on products that plus size women want to wear. There need to be more options, and no one should have to settle for less. That’s why at Universal Standard we’re dedicated to making the best clothes possible for plus size women. Every piece goes through a painstakingly rigorous design process. It’s fit, and refit over and over again. Designs are made and adjusted so that when you open that Universal Standard box, what’s inside is exactly what you want. No cut corners. No skipped steps. You deserve more.

Most plus size clothing is made cheap and sold cheap, but we want to make clothes where the fabric feels good, the fit is perfect, and the look is amazing. We spend months sourcing the right fabrics. From our French Satin-Back Crepe to our Peruvian Cotton Jersey, we don’t stop until we’ve found exactly what we’re looking for. Then we move onto design. Whether it’s a skirt for work or an amazing pair of jeans, we take the time to get it right. Debating the lengths of rises, changing color schemes, altering hems, we see sample after sample until it’s perfect. We’re not afraid to take the time to bring you the perfect product. 

We’re also not afraid of changing body sizes. In fact, we embrace them. We understand you won’t always be the size you currently are. Weight fluctuates, sizes change, and we’re here to support women through those changes. That’s why we started Universal Fit Liberty. If you purchase a piece from our core collection, and your size changes within a year of purchase, you have the opportunity to exchange it for your new size – for free. No strings, no cost, just send the item back and we’ll ship you the new one. Your old item will be laundered and donated to charities dedicated to helping women.

We understand the struggles of finding the right clothes – ones that you want to wear and that make you feel great. We know how frustrating it can be to walk into a store and realize nothing there will fit you, or that the clothes that will fit you are the ones you really don’t want to wear. We do more, so that you don’t have to. Because clothing should be something you get to enjoy. And #nowyoucan with Universal Standard.