Dear You,

Universal Standard started with the two of us, but we actually wanted to do it for all of us. We lived in a world in which access was limited. We couldn’t shop together; one of us could hardly shop at all. It felt unfair, but moreover, it made no sense. If 67% of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or above, why were their options so dismal? It was clear that all women weren’t given the same level of style, quality, or even respect.

We asked ourselves the whys, and then we asked ourselves the hows. How can we participate in the change we wanted to see? How can we bring all women together in a way that no one ever has before? We wanted a size 40 to shop in the same way as a size 00 – using style as her only filter, and we wanted to be the ones to make that happen. Our goals were lofty; some may say idealistic, some may even say impossible. But we’d have to disagree.

When we finally decided to take the plunge – leave our jobs, uproot our lives – we promised each other we wouldn’t go back on our goal to break down existing barriers and give all women fashion freedom. We put “Universal Standard” on a whiteboard and have worked to define that ever since.

We thought about how a number on a label had so much influence on our lives and triggered internal bullies that told us we’re not worth it, so we took size out of the equation with Fit Liberty and let you shop without anxiety, fear, or regret. We decided that we wouldn’t compromise on quality, that our obsession with fit was justified, and that modern essentials would be our style uniform. We wanted to innovate, to push ourselves, and set new standards.

We’re not done – not even close – and we promise we won’t stop until we bring fashion for all women up to a Universal Standard.


Polina & Alex

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Finally! Fit Liberty

When your size changes, we change with you. If a piece from our core collection no longer fits you within a year of purchase, due to size fluctuation, we’ll replace it with your new size - for free. No more shopping anxiety, no more delayed gratification. We’re making shopping fun again.


Advanced Engineering

The simpler a piece is, the harder it is to get it right. So when we set out to do elevated essentials, we knew there wasn’t room for error. Everything in the collection is precisely engineered from size to size – that means we don’t use formulas, we use fit models. We spend months going over the cut of a crew, or the drape of a dress, so that when you put a piece on for the first time, it’s magic.


Customer-Centric, Always

At the heart of what we do is you. Our goal is to consistently elevate – and ultimately exceed - your expectations. We think about your needs first, which is why we give you weekly drops over seasonal collections - because we want you to have what you want, when you want it. No request is too small, or favor too great. We’re here to make you happy. Seriously, try US.


Quality Defined

Let’s put it this way, our fabrications are pretty outstanding. Our sourcing is second to none – think premium Peruvian cotton, luxe Italian Merino wool, and sumptuous French satin-back crepe. It’s how we produce pieces that last season after season, wash after wash. We’re setting the quality standard, one piece at a time.

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