Collaborate With US

Collaborate With US

We’re on a mission to create unprecedented access, make size irrelevant, and represent all of US, as we are. There’s nothing more important to US than making sure all are included and seen, so that while notions of “us” and “them” become extinct, definitions of beauty evolve, and a new normal is established for future generations.

Our affiliate program and influencer partnerships is a way for US to extend our community and connect with anyone who is passionate about realizing our vision of revolutionary inclusivity.

Sound like you? Join US.

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What does it mean to work with US?

You’ll be helping spread the word about the brand by posting about US on your platforms and linking to our website! Official influencer and affiliate partnerships are primarily managed through Impact, our affiliate platform. Contracts related to our partnerships will be provided and executed through Impact, which will dictate the terms and conditions of our agreement, including the payment terms that are outlined below. We use a contract any time we are officially engaging a content creator and/or an affiliate partner. Any gifting is managed on an ad hoc basis.

What would I get to work with US?

In an effort to be as transparent as possible, we published our flat fee (if applicable), commission structure, and bonus incentives below. Any clothing shot as part of the agreed upon content will also be covered by US.

Because this is the first time that we’re approaching influencer and affiliate partnerships in this way, we’re considering this an iterative process. This program may evolve and change with additional learnings and time.

How do you decide what influencers to work with?

Our goal is to work with a diverse cross-section of influencer partners. Partners are determined on a per project basis based on photography aesthetic, reach, audience engagement, and mission alignment.

What about user generated content (UGC)?

Any content that is organically produced and posted on social (i.e. wasn’t commissioned by US) is unpaid and does not fall under an official influencer and affiliate agreement. If we would like to repost/use your content on our brand platforms, we will reach out for permission first.

Have a question we didn’t cover?

Email US at and someone will get back to you as soon as possible..

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You In? How To Apply

Influencer and affiliate agreements are primarily done through Impact. Once you set up your profile and submit your application to the brand through the platform, we’ll review and reach out with next steps. We’re a small team, so please be patient as we get to your submission!

For any influencer engagement, we’ll only reach out when it makes sense for a particular campaign or moment in time. So it is not guaranteed that you will hear from us.

Apply Here

Bonuses and commission rates are designated for influencers that are part of our affiliate program. On a case-by-case basis, influencers may also be engaged on a flat fee (outlined below). Flat fee projects must be discussed and agreed to with US in advance and not all projects will be entitled to a flat fee. In addition, the bonuses and flat fees listed in the below rate cards are not applicable for any Free Tee promotions we may run.

Rate Card #1 Rate Card #2