Fit Liberty

If your size changes, we'll replace your clothes - FOR FREE. Any piece in the Fit Liberty collection is automatically eligible for a one-year size exchange should you go up or down in size within a year. That means you can buy the size you are today, and not have to worry about fit later.
Tee Rex - Black
Tee Rex - White
V Rex - Black
Rhine Color Block Cuff Top - Black/White
Thames Fog Top - Black
Meridian Zip Pullover - Black
V Rex - White
Petite Tee Rex - Black
Meg Short Blazer - Black
Corbelle Zip Pullover - Black
Petite Tee Rex - White
Jersey Knot Top - Black
Ginni Top - Black
Cutaway Sleeve Tee - Black
Cutaway Sleeve Tee - White
Petite V Rex - Black
Petite V Rex - White
Equator Zip Pullover - Black
Petite Thames Fog Top - Black