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The Last Mystery Box

We’ve curated so many special boxes for one last hurrah. We want this iconic, fan-favorite, headline-making, mega sale to go out with a bang.

mystery box

Don’t worry—with every ending comes a new beginning. Shop until the very last Mystery Box drops and then stay tuned for new surprises from US!


Revolutionary inclusivity means creating unprecedented access to fashion for all of US, as we are. In an industry full of divisions, we thought that a size 6 should have the exact same shopping experience as a size 36, so we made it happen. We’re bringing fashion for all up to a Universal Standard.

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See Yourself in US

It’s time to take the guesswork out of online shopping. Give your imagination a day off and shop our 11 best-selling essentials in 11 sizes. No more thinking, “I wonder.”  Only, “Wow!” Now you can see what we mean by made for everyone: 00 to 40.



We work with only the best fabrics, and offer sustainable options whenever possible. We’re known for premium Peruvian cotton, signature stretch linen, luxurious Italian wools, sumptuous French satin-back crepe, and enduring, expertly engineered denim. Our garments last wear after wear, wash after wash, season after season. It’s simply our standard. 



We don’t fit. We engineer. Our team is obsessed with the cut of a crew, the drape of a dress, the slit of a skirt, and on goes the list. Every garment is fit on every size—no formulas, just fit models. Before they’re available for purchase, styles are wear-tested by US to ensure you receive a wholly perfected product.