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Women's Leggings are still a thing. Once a trend, now timeless, these oh-so-soft and smoothing bottoms are at the top of our list. In case you’re wondering, “what exactly are leggings?” (which you aren’t because…they’re probably your favorite, too), let US explain. They’re not quite pants and they’re not quite tights. They’re the perfect in between. We’ll walk you through what makes them great and what makes ours essential for every single day. That’s aside from being offered in premium fabrics like Peruvian cotton in sizes 00 to 40. Comfortable, practical, and perfectly wearable anyway, anywhere, and everywhere, leggings are truly for all of US.

So, why are Universal Standard’s leggings the best leggings out there? Follow along with US as we explain…

Which legging styles does Universal Standard offer?

Universal Standard is a gold mine when it comes to what you might find. We love high-waisted leggings though we do offer other rises. Some styles are ultra high and designed to be worn with our cropped tops. Every style features our signature super-comfortable stretch. Leggings always have a close-to-the-body fit and a slim leg. Leggings don’t always have pockets—but we have lots that do! From side pockets to zip pockets, we wanted to include this beloved detail wherever we could. Speaking of details, some styles even come with a cute ankle zip to elevate your laid-back look.

Wish your favorite denim came in legging form? Well, dreams do come true. Our Don’t Call Them Jeggings (a fan favorite for years!) are made from our innovative ComfortDenim fabric that’s incredibly soft with invisible stretch. These true blue beauties feel like the soft essentials you wear to bed. No buttons. No zips. No pinching. No struggling. They feature all of the denim details that you love about your go-to jeans, but they pull on easily and move with you. Basically, they will wear like your favorite pair of skinny jeans, just lighter and stretchier.

Which fabric does Universal Standard choose for their leggings?

You’ll find only the best, most irresistibly soft fabrics with US. We are highly involved in the selection process and try to choose sustainable options whenever possible. Our favorite fabric is Peruvian Pima cotton—the jersey is light, breathable, comfortable, oh-so-soft, suitable for sensitive skin, and highly durable. Pima is a luxurious fabric that can withstand lots of wear and washes. It resists pilling and only gets better with proper care over time. Our best-selling Roya Leggings and Everywear Leggings are made in this everlasting fabric.

We love fabrics with antimicrobial properties that you can wear for workouts or during super hot days. Our Spot Me Textured High Rise Pocket Legging are made from a great ribbed material that will work hard to prevent unwanted odors while our Ronda Stirrup Pocket Legging, Next-to-Naked Legging, and Next-to-Naked Cropped Legging have similar properties while also moisture wicking all day long. The latter fabric feels amazing on (hence the name) and molds to your body like a second skin.