Geneva Dresses

Wow, moms! We’re so amazed at the overwhelming response to our Geneva giveaway, and beyond excited to announce that we’ve already gifted over 10,000 dresses to some very deserving moms.

We had to close the giveaway period sooner than expected, but we really don’t want anyone to walk away empty-handed, so we’d love to give you $50 towards the Geneva dress (that’s over 40% off & shipping will be free).

Thank you to all the incredible superhero moms out there! You seamlessly morph from one role to another, possess a sixth sense that is both comforting and unnerving, and demonstrate superhuman strength every day. We appreciate you today, and every day.

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Geneva Dress - Navy
Geneva Dress - Berry
Geneva Dress - Forest Green
Geneva Dress - Black
Geneva Dress - Grey
Geneva Dress - Marine
Geneva Dress - Eggplant
Geneva V-Neck Dress - Navy
Geneva V-Neck Dress - Black
Geneva V-Neck Dress - Eggplant
Long Sleeve V-Neck Geneva Dress - Black
Long Sleeve V-Neck Geneva Dress - Berry
Long Sleeve V-Neck Geneva Dress - Navy
Long Sleeve V-Neck Geneva Dress - Storm
Petite Geneva Dress - Black
Petite Geneva Dress - Marine
Petite Geneva Dress - Navy
Petite Geneva Dress - Berry