What if denim was made for all of US, as we are?

Now it is. Sizes 00-40.

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Women's Denim

Ah, denim: The time-honored textile beloved by all since the introduction of iconic blue jeans. The product of a perfect marriage between warp and weft threads. Want to know all there is to know about denim and the difference between denim and great jeans? How about what to wear with these beloved blue cotton bottoms? Oh, and maybe you’re wondering why you should find your next pair with Universal Standard? We’re here to explain…

Once a workwear go-to for durability and comfort, denim jeans are now an indisputable fashion staple. It's not discussed enough, but all modern jeans are not made equal. Despite their utilitarian roots, quintessential denim bottoms haven't been crafted practically until very recently. So we couldn't help but wonder—why was the world's most popular garment only offered to a limited selection of sizes? Why weren't all Americans considered when it came to a style synonymous with American fashion?

Universal Standard’s commitment to crafting premium jeans started with a 1,700-person denim waitlist. We saw a demand for staples we could all wear, all love, all live in. And so, Universal Standard jeans were born. Called the “best jeans ever purchased” by our loyal customers, these everyday staples feel like they were designed just for you. Because they were. When one pair can be for all, that’s denim freedom. All of our styles are offered in a full range of sizes from 00 to 40 (that’s 4XS-4XL). We’re bringing fashion for all up to a Universal Standard.

With 22 sizes, 21 washes, and 20 styles, Universal Standard has truly democratized denim and offers the most inclusive collection. Designed in New York, each style undergoes seven rounds of technical design fittings over 365 days, followed by supremely intimate, rigorous testing—that means we wear-test every pair ourselves before releasing them to you. If we don’t love them, they’re not ready to be added to your closet.

What makes US swoon over a pair of jeans? The durability of a premium cotton fabric, from selvage-style or raw denim to softer with more stretch, flexibility that allows for ease of movement, perfected pinch-free cuts with the most comfortable waistbands that don’t dip or gape, classic copper rivets, luxurious high-shine hardware, distinctive goldenrod topstitching, and beloved deep pockets with more room. Our pairs are unparalleled. You’ll have to feel the denim difference.

Have you been dreaming about your ideal silhouette, rise, and rinse? Chances are we’ve got it. We’ve designed the perfect high-rise jeans, skinny jeans, slim fit jeans, straight leg jeans, carpenter jeans, slightly baggy jeans, and more. Plus, with many shades of cotton denim, you’re sure to find your true colors with US: light wash, indigo, dark wash, and everything in between or beyond. Make sure to keep checking our new arrivals to see the latest selection each season.

Our signature cuts are thoughtfully engineered into classic or curve fits that consider your waist-to-hip difference. And we always rise to the occasion whether you want ultra high waisted or something more classic with less coverage. That’s not all. We also have a stretch scale to help you decide what would feel best. Every pair of Universal Standard jeans is meticulously constructed with just the right amount of stretch until we are convinced that you can sit, strut, and squat with ease. Last but not least, we only offer the most wearable washes that feel essential to lifelong wear. Because all of US deserve the very best.

Of course, our love of denim doesn’t stop at the perfect pair of jeans. As much as we support styling with just a simple cotton tee or easy knit, we encourage a head-to-toe look in denim fabric that starts with a button-down chambray shirt and includes a denim jacket. Plus, some good overalls, a jumpsuit, denim shorts, and stretchy jeggings keep things interesting. You can’t overdo it. We’ve got options for your all-denim all-the-time uniform right here. It’s time for you to meet what’s been missing from your wardrobe—the unassuming icons you’ll reach for again and again.

We’re so confident you’ll love Universal Standard denim that we host a denim drive every year where you can purchase a heavily discounted pair of jeans and donate a less-than-perfect pair you haven’t put on in ages. Or any pair, really. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletter for updates on when this takes place so you can take advantage. As obsessed with denim as we are, we can’t ignore how a single pair of jeans can contribute to climate change. We all need to recycle as often as possible and buy quality denim to live in and love forever. With the help of Blue Jeans Go Green, your denim donations will be repurposed into housing insulation for communities in need all over the country.