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About Us

Our reason for being is simple...

We're here to break the plus-size fashion industry.
We will accomplish this by making beautiful, quality, modern, elevated essentials for women size 10-28.
We will tear down existing barriers by doing this at democratic prices, and by turning away from fast fashion and all of its waste, inhumanity, and disastrous impact on the environment.
We will use Universal Fit Liberty to shut down the size-bully living in the head of every woman who doesn’t see her true self in the mirror by giving her the leeway to change her body without penalty to her style, or her wallet.
We will create clothes that will erase the style barrier between her and her smaller-size peers.
We will welcome her to our showroom and give her the peace and luxury of a one-on-one session with a stylist.
We will create stunning imagery and thoughtful editorial content because we want her to know she has the right to expect it.
We will say to her, ‘now you can,’ and make it so, in every way a brand can.
And when her interaction with US is over, she will say:


In 2015, the following conversation took place between two friends:

Polina: "…What do you mean you have nothing to wear to that event?!? You live two blocks from 5th Avenue - they have everything there. Just go get something!"
Alex: “There is not a single store on all of 5th Avenue where I can go and buy clothes. Let me show the world I live in as a size 18 woman…" The two walked to a nearby department store where Alex led them to the furniture floor. There, nestled among the non-stick pans and throw pillows, was the plus-size department. It clicked – there was a huge problem, and it wasn’t Alex’s alone. Not long after that, the two left their jobs in the marketing and finance worlds, and made Alex’s New York City apartment Universal Standard HQ. They created their first eight-piece collection of modern essentials, with a chic, downtown but classic aesthetic. It sold out in six days. The rest is history.


Thoughtfully Engineered
Our elevated essentials seem simple, but they're not. Even the most basic T-shirt goes through months of iterations because everything from the cut of the sleeve to the curve of the hem is designed with you in mind.

Direct to You
We're a direct-to-consumer business, which means we're able to make stylish clothing at the best quality possible without inflating prices for retail mark-ups.
We don't do sales. Just great clothing, at fair prices.

Seasonless Shopping

We think you should always be able to buy what you want, when you want it. Which is why we're seasonless.
With US, you can look out your window and buy exactly what you need in that moment.
We aim to release a new product every week, so there's always something fresh and new.

Customer-centric Always

At the heart of Universal Standard is our pledge to continuously elevate - and ultimately exceed - your expectations.
From the most obvious (customer service) to the more surprising (our packaging) and the completely revolutionary (our Universal Fit Liberty program), we want you to know that we’re working for you.

Your Personal Showroom

You can come shop with US in real life!
We have two showrooms (one in NY, one in Seattle) where you can come shop the full collection, find your perfect fit, and get tips from one of our stylists.

Join US

Want to be part of the Universal Standard team? It all starts with an email…
See our job openings and tell US why you want to work with US by contacting: