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A girl goes to the store for bananas…

…it sounds like the beginning of a joke – and in many ways, for many years, it essentially was.

For women above a size 14, wearing something to the store that wasn’t a close relative of a floral or sweat pant, was something of a challenge. Those of us who looked at our straight-size friends, in their cool casuals, with envy and longing for comparable fashion were simply out of luck.

We longed for the ease of throwing on a cool jacket over loose-fitting jeans and a simple, unembellished tee, but everything in our size seemed to have a slogan in bad French, or a cat with bejeweled eyes.

If the top fit, the armholes where massive - making us look sloppy no matter how hard we tried. If we could pull the bottoms on, they were either sad stretchies, or short-waisted denim that cut us right in the worst place across the middle. Buttons popped when we sat, blouses always looked shorter in the front, and finding a sweater that wasn’t cut straight across, was pure fantasy.

That’s what we as a brand set out to change. We wanted to bring into the world all those great pieces to live your daily life in… those every-day cool, pleasure-to-wear essentials that make you look like you know exactly what you're doing when it comes to style…and of course when you’re popping out to buy bananas.