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Streetwear-inspired sweatshirt styles to wear with your sweatpants, and even your jeans. Elevated enough for chic days out. Comfortable enough for snuggly nights in.

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Women's Sweatshirts

Everyone loves a sweatshirt. From pullovers to hoodies to quarter-zips, half-zips, and full zips to cardigans, sweatshirts are classic and essential to feeling cozy every day. Our assortment of sweatshirts for women is almost all best sellers. Every single style is offered in every single size —00 to 40—and engineered to fit perfectly. They’re also made from the most premium fabrics like French terry and Peruvian Pima cotton. Plus, they’re luxe and elevated (many hold their shape and are pill-resistant), so you can wear them out of the house, too!

If you’re wondering when sweatshirts made it onto the scene, it all started in 1920. They were initially worn as a comfortable alternative to traditional sportswear and team uniforms. It wasn’t until the 1960s that the sweatshirt became a mainstay in many other wardrobes. Universities and colleges began selling crewneck sweatshirts with screen-printed logos and crests, and the comfy item became a collegiate staple. Sweatshirts have since been continuously trending throughout history—think oversized fleece sweatshirts and pullover hoodies worn with leggings and leg warmers in the 1980s, every athleisure look through the 1990s, logomania through the 2000s, and streetwear style today.

The sweatshirt is a perennial essential. A forever style that’s now as versatile as it is comfortable. Find your next favorite with US. Our selection starts classic and evolves into trendier fashion versions with elevated details. We love a V-neck with a drawstring, for example, in addition to the traditional crew raglan. If you don’t see what you need, we love hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Let US know what’s missing—is it tie dye and colorblock patterns, fleece hoodies or fleece crew necks, or styles in a fuzzy sherpa fabric? Each season brings a new reason to design with you in mind and fill your wardrobe with your wants.

What are the sweatshirts like at Universal Standard?

There’s no single sweatshirt style with US. We have roomy fits, classic fits, cropped hems, elongated hems, crew necks, long sleeve hoodies, funnel necks, and even t-shirt sweatshirts (that’s a short sleeve sweatshirt, FYI)! While shopping, you’ll find helpful icons that let you know how breathable, stretchy, and easy each item is. One thing they all share is that they’re made from the softest, most luxurious fabrics that last and last over time. Oh, and don’t worry about settling for the same old gray—we have a kaleidoscope of colors from brights to earthy neutrals as well as classic shades.

How should a women’s sweatshirt fit?

There’s no right way for a sweatshirt to fit—size up for an oversized sweatshirt or oversized hoodie with extra coziness and room for layering, or take your true size for a classic pullover sweatshirt silhouette that sits nicely under your outerwear. That said, all of our sweatshirt styles are engineered to fit 22 sizes: 00 to 40.

Why wear a sweatshirt?

If you live in t-shirts, sometimes you need to switch things up. A sweatshirt is a great everyday style that gives off that relaxed, sporty vibe perfect for casual hangs, running errands, or meeting friends. Of course, you can also wear sweatshirts as true activewear. Throw on a zip up hoodie or hooded sweatshirt over your cropped tank or bodysuit. Women’s hoodies look great with bike shorts, leggings, and sweatpants, too. We even wear ours to bed! They’re that comfortable. The most important takeaway is that sweatshirts are extremely versatile. From crew sweatshirt to terry hoodie to zip sweatshirt or full-zip hoodie, hoodies & sweatshirts (in general, but mostly ours) work with just about anything else you own. So, why not wear a sweatshirt?

Why shop for sweatshirts at Universal Standard?

We’ve elevated the everyday staples and engineered them to fit all of US. Plus, we’re always restocking new styles, silhouettes, and colors. Sweatshirts are an iconic, best-selling category for US, and we won’t ever stop making them for you. They’re fans for a reason, too. Buy our sweatshirts, and you’ll wear them for years. They’re easy to care for, machine-washable, and last season after season. Plus, our sweatshirts and subtly special with high side slits, zipper details, pockets, and modern necklines. They’re far-from-basic basics. There’s just one thing we’ll say, prepare to get lots of compliments. Like, lots and lots and lots of compliments.

Think of a sweatshirt as the Sunday version of your Saturday sweater. Both are warm, comfortable, and must-haves for keeping cozy, but your sweatshirt prefers streaming movies to sitting by the fire and ordering takeout to strolling the neighborhood with hot cocoa. Don’t listen to US—wear yours any way you’d like and every single day. It’s worth saying again that sweatshirts are extremely versatile. We’re just dreaming up a few ideas for you to spark some inspiration and get you excited about this timeless and time-honored garment. Once you throw it on, you’ll understand why. Perhaps you’re already a super fan and debating whether to stock up. You can’t ever have too many and won’t go wrong with any sweatshirt from US.

If you still aren’t ready to make your selection, don’t fret. You can always add styles to your wishlist and subscribe to our newsletter for tips on how to get them for less. We’ll also let you know when new styles arrive so you can score your size before it sells out. That tends to happen. But, don’t worry, that’s just one more reason to keep in touch with US—we’ll always bring best sellers back!