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Consider your pants problems solved. Pants have paved the way for Fashion Freedom. Polished yet practical, they’ve enhanced our everyday life for over a century. Our Pontes have been best sellers for 5+ years. Explore 8 colors and 8 styles in this durable, double-knit fabric that fits like a dream.

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Ponte Pants

Women's Ponte Pants

What’s soft, stretchy, sleek, and structured? Our premium Ponte fabric is the ultimate comfy-chic option for the polished bottoms that many of US prefer over sweatpants. They’re that comfortable and easy. Whether cigarette pants, bootcut pants, skinny pants, tapered pants, straight leg pants, slim leg pants, Ponte knit leggings, wide leg Ponte pants, Ponte joggers (and so many other styles), every pair of Ponte pants has been a best seller, selling out in most sizes as soon as they drop on our site. Offered in 00 to 40, they’re engineered to fit every body perfectly for years to come. Their durability is unmatched, and they have an incredible bounce back. Meaning, you can wear our Pontes all day, and they’ll hold their shape. See why they’re so beloved? All for Ponte and Ponte for all.

So, what is Ponte?

First developed in Italy, Ponte comes from Ponte di Roma, meaning "Roman Bridge," which is suggested by the arrangement of loops that hold the luxe fabric together. Though it's soft, Ponte is a thick and dense double-knit fabric design produced on double jersey knitting machines. It's structured, firm, and stable while also beautifully breathable. You've seen it on the runways for so many luxury fashion brands and offered in some of the most famous boutiques and department stores worldwide. These are comfortable pants that look put together without feeling fussy. Women's Ponte pants are classic and essential to every well-stocked wardrobe. What double-knit dreams are made of.

How do you wear Ponte?

Popular in workwear and trousers, Ponte is perfect for the office or any occasion where you want to feel chic and comfortable at once. Ponte pants are your supremely versatile, elevated everyday bottoms. We took things a step further and now offer Ponte joggers, Ponte leggings, and even trend-driven playful Pontes for fashion moments. It gets better. We even have pull-on Ponte pants! All this is to say that you can wear Ponte any way you want—from blouses and button-downs to sweaters and knits and even tees. They can be worn as dress pants, work pants, or just as an alternative to your favorite jeans or leggings. They look beautiful with boots or flats during the day and dressed up with heels in the evening. These are your most adaptable bottoms in wear-anywhere-and-all-day-long fabric. You’ll get multiple outfits in a single pair of pants. Every day should be Ponte appreciation day.

What is the difference between Ponte pants and regular leggings?

Well, Ponte pants aren’t your everyday spandex staples or typical jersey knit pants. Yes, Ponte is stretchy and offers a sleek, softly supportive fit, but it’s thick and more substantial, making it a much more flattering fabric that holds shape and looks great when you’re bending, stretching, sitting, and just moving about your day. We have slim-fit Ponte silhouettes and Pontes with elastic waistbands and that legging-signature high waist. They’re as comfortable and effortless to wear as your favorite pull-on leggings. Still, they’ll always feel a little more polished than your everyday jersey or athletic leggings.

Why pick Ponte pants from Universal Standard?

Nobody cuts a pant quite like US. We engineer our garments. Our experts fit pants on every single size from 00 to 40 to ensure thoughtful tailoring and the perfect silhouette for every body. We select only the highest quality, premium fabrics, and our Ponte trousers have been 5-star rated since the first collection launched. A best seller for over five years, our Ponte is pretty perfect. Each style is made for you. We consider customer feedback when refitting or designing new pairs to suit your wants, needs, and lives. Plus, you can choose from many different styles: high rise and mid rise, elastic waistbands or wide waistbands, ankle-length or full-length, and different inseams. If you don’t want to take it from US, read all of the reviews, browse our FAQs, and rest assured that you’ll love your purchase from the moment you feel your pants, even before you put them on. 

What are the best-selling Ponte styles and colors from US?

We aren’t exaggerating—every pair of Ponte knit pants from US is a best seller. The favorite might be the Stephanie Wide Leg Stripe Pants, but it’s anyone’s guess! Our Cigarette Pants and Moro Pocket Signature Ponte Pants are constantly selling out, but we bet the new collection will be our best. We looked at the assortment as a whole and found gaps to fill in terms of colors and silhouettes. New arrivals include a new clean version of the Stephanie Pants (without the sporty stripe) and a stylish, of-the-moment bootcut pair that we can’t wait to wear with everything. Of course, we love Pontes in classic black but have pairs in other neutrals like khaki and navy, plus subdued shades of plum, green, red, and toffee. Our color palette is constantly updated each season, so you’ll find a broad assortment suited to fall, winter, spring, and summer. Plus, we like to include limited time colors, too.

How long do Ponte pants last?

These are forever pants. Ponte is a highly durable fabric that should last a lifetime. It’s pill-resistant and washes well after each wear. If you’re looking to build a wardrobe of lasting, versatile classics to mix and match for years to come, start from the bottom up. Pontes are a perfect addition—the ultimate investment pants. They’ll hold up over time and never go out of style. Sure, a single pair can withstand lots of wear, but that doesn’t mean it’s all you need! Stock up on your favorite silhouette, and make sure you have a pair for every day of the week. Trust US. You’ll want to live in Ponte.

We like to think of Ponte pants as a way to wear our power. After all, pants paved the way for Fashion Freedom. Polished yet practical, pants have enhanced a woman’s every day for over a century. Our Ponte favorites have been changing lives for over five years. Their reliability and polished appearance boost confidence and allow US to think about what’s important throughout the day (rather than fuss about what we’re wearing). Refined season after season, each style boasts a sleek silhouette and perfect fit for sizes 00 to 40. It’s time to step into your power.